3 Reasons to Make Money Dates a Priority

With Valentine’s Day approaching we‘d be the odd ones out if we didn’t cover a couple-related finance issue, and based on our trainers’ experience, Money Dates are a hot topic any time of year!

There are a lot of reasons why money and coupledom need to be a discussion. One is that when we choose to share our lives with someone, that person’s financial wellness affects us, and vice versa. Another is that having money fights early in relationships is a strong predictor of a future divorce, so we need to learn how to avoid them. A third is that healthy relationships are built on shared goals and support of one another’s goals, and being financially fit has a LOT to do with whether we succeed in reaching them.

Because of this, we trainers often recommend that couples plan Money Dates. Here’s a quick breakdown of the romantic ROI you can expect from committing to talking finances with your partner.

#1 Creates space to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly.

If you know that you’ll be discussing these topics at regular intervals, you can rest assured you have created a space to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly, and you can honor that space. That means you’ll be less likely to only speak up when there’s a conflict when emotions are high, and the conversations can have more balance. 

#2 Improves transparency and trust.

When you have set aside time in your busy lives for discussing tough topics, you can make sure that life doesn’t get in the way of getting on the same page. Being busy, over-connected, and over-committed shapes our day-to-day lives, and anything outside of work or kids or keeping our homes halfway sane can take the sideline. Sometimes spending choices we’ve made or need to make can get eclipsed by other matters that seem more pertinent at the time, and omitting information can be seen as dishonesty. Give each other a time and place to be upfront about where money has gone or needs to go to avoid the feeling of being left out of the decision-making process.

#3 Makes shared goals more attainable when there is a shared plan.

We all have hopes and dreams, and a lot of them are dependent on the financial resources we have available to us. We know that goals are more attainable when they are specific, measurable, relevant, and timely. It’s hard to be on a shared journey if you don’t both have a roadmap! Money Dates can help you solidify plans and create a shared understanding of how to get there–complete with what each person’s responsibilities are. Without a place to brainstorm, goals and dreams are just wishes. 

We promise that opening up a dialogue about money—even if uncomfortable at first—will pay off in the long run. It’s just like any other investment: there’s risk, but there’s also reward.

Bonus: Date night ideas!

Here are some fun, safe, and budget-friendly date options for this Valentine’s Day from our team!

  • Do an at-home “Paint and Sip” using a paint-by-numbers kit

  • Use a site like to have an at-home cooking class together to make a recipe from one of your favorite dining restaurants like Morton’s, Cheesecake Factory, Ruth Chris, and more.

  • Write out a list of things you love and appreciate about your partner on cardstock and wrap it up in a nice box

  • Go on a scavenger hunt using local attractions and destinations

  • Pull out old photos of you as a couple or as kids and share stories

  • Build a fort (Yes, this is just as fun as an adult. Maybe more!)

  • Create a joint bucket list

  • Take an online dance class

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