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The pandemic brings about several changes. Software integration is gaining more popularity. Now, there is a need for software onboarding processes in organizations. Learn more about effective software onboarding tips here.

The way we work now has changed significantly. A study by Findstack revealed that 85% of managers are convinced that integrating teams with remote workers will be the new norm. Indeed, as more and more people adapt to telecommuting, we see a need for an effective software onboarding process.

Just like employee onboarding, educating your employees with the software they will be using will be more efficient. Not only that, your employees will become more productive with the important work they do.

Creating an onboarding flow will help you choose the right software platform to use. First, let’s understand what software onboarding is.

What is Software Onboarding

In a digital workplace, we use software tools to get work done. To do that, one must be familiar with the applications used daily. This is where software onboarding comes in.

Software onboarding is the process of interacting with software tools and integrating them into the daily workflow. Consequently, users learn to use new software tools that will enable them to keep organized and structured processes in their work.

With the ever-changing work setup, a structured and efficient software onboarding process is necessary. Indeed, there are a lot of reasons why businesses would optimize the onboarding process.  Benefits include:

  • Increase user engagement, productivity, and proficiency with an excellent onboarding experience.
  • Decrease the possibility of burnout, friction, or even job abandonment.
  • Results and data from your onboarding process will give you insights into your employee needs and frustrations.

You have to make sure that your users know how to use the software tool. Additionally, software onboarding will help its users accomplish their goals using the software platform in the most efficient way possible. So, how do you create an effective onboarding flow?

Top tips on Software Onboarding

When you think about software onboarding, you must keep in mind user experience. You have to consider the fact that users will engage with the software platform daily. Will it make them more efficient? Or will it hinder them from reaching their goals?

Here are a few items you can incorporate into your  software onboarding checklist:


The software product must have high usability. Therefore, your software product must have an intuitive design, easy to navigate and learn, efficient, memorable, and error-free. Additionally, the software onboarding process can enhance usability by providing product training, including support.


Your users must be able to make use of your product, including its features, easily. Then, practical in-app training will help users to use the features available immediately.

Good Client Support

There will be times when your users will need client support. Furthermore, your software platform should be able to provide easy access to the needed support. This is essential to streamline the onboarding process. More importantly, you need good client support for the complex software you need.

Your software platform provider must be able to provide you with the necessary steps needed to fix a software problem, whether it be technical or customer support. This will also save you time and from the frustration of needing product support every time.

User Feedback

In any product adoption process, feedback is necessary. Business processes that value user feedback and build the product around it will deliver a better user experience.

Software Analytics and Data Review

Besides using user feedback data, software analytics is another way to review software product performance. This data can bring to light important data that can be used in training, product design, usability, and more.

Product Training

Training is a must for onboarding. This is where your users will begin their familiarity with the software product to be used. During training, they will get hands-on experience and practical knowledge on how to use the software.

With all of the things considered, you must note the items in your software onboarding checklist. In fact, this will help you create an efficient onboarding flow and integrate the software into your processes seamlessly.

Benefits of Good Software Integration

Software onboarding is an essential step in the digital adoption process. You have to consider software implementation but also how software is being used.

Making a decision on which software platform to use is not an easy task. Your focus should be on the following items:

  • Your software tool must help users achieve their work goals efficiently. Choose the right software that will enable your users to complete their daily tasks and help them get organized. Indeed, the more efficient your users become, the better the user experience.
  • Second, get rid of the complexity. Simplify the work experience so your users will shift their focus on immediate tasks.
  • Third, encourage proficiency and productivity. Your software tool should help your users be more productive. Therefore, those satisfied with the software tools get more engagement and lessens the frustration they experience.
Build your Business

Software onboarding will define where you want your team to move forward. In fact, with the right training and support, you and your team will be on your way to achieving business success.

That’s why you need to create a software onboarding flow that will satisfy you and your user’s needs. After all, technology is designed to make work easier.

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Software Onboarding Tips | Full Scale is written by Hannah Gabiana for fullscale.io

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