IT Recruiters: 3 Alternatives and Why EVERYONE Hates Them

Are headhunters out to get you? Well, you must have one of the best programmer profiles that IT recruiters love to get their hands on. But what do they want? Let’s find out.

Technical talent remains to be in demand. Statista revealed that the developer population is expected to reach 28.7 million by 2024. The increase is influenced by the amount of enterprise data and also the automation of business processes across industries. 

It is no wonder that IT recruiters are always on the hunt for qualified IT candidates. But most of these headhunters have no idea about specializations or expertise in the field. So many candidates find it difficult to trust IT recruiters, especially when they call about a job position far from their core strengths and career interests.

What’s up with IT recruiters?

IT recruiters are specialists in finding candidates for companies that need support on the tech side. They work to find qualified candidates for a specific job. In addition, these professionals aim to meet the needs of the employer and employee. Basically, they start the hiring process, though they aren’t necessarily part of an organization.

Recruiters are not the ones making hiring decisions. Candidates will go through a hiring process by the company where they will be endorsed to. Furthermore, these candidates will need to wait for the results, just like any applicant. IT recruiters only help fill job vacancies whenever required.

But the recruiting job is getting a lot of bad rep. More candidates are complaining about IT recruiters not doing their job right. Most of them had experience being mistreated. Let’s explore the top three reasons why people hate bad IT recruiters.

1. Candidates ARE Commissions

Since IT recruiters work to fill a job vacancy, they also get paid to do so. Most of the time, they mistreat candidates by giving inaccurate job information, exaggerating a job role, and calling at the last minute.

Headhunters usually lack empathy when it comes to recruiting. Their only takeaway is to get the check after endorsing an IT candidate for a role that doesn’t fit their skill set. Without a system matching the job role and qualification, IT recruiters have a massive gap to fill. 

One solution for recruiters is reviewing the job description and matching it with a candidate’s profile. That way, all parties concerned in the process will be more efficient. Also, interviews should only be a one-hour window. No candidate should free up a whole day just to wait for a 15-minute interview.

2. Recruiters are NOT doing the work

Earlier, we mentioned that IT recruiters fail to cross-match candidates for jobs that fit their skills. This is very important in the IT industry as candidates are never truly alike. So how should recruiters start? By reading the resume.

Finding the right talent takes hard work. That’s why HR has a hiring process to profile each candidate and fulfill the staffing requirement of the organization. It is the IT recruiters’ job to find the right candidate.

Professional recruiters do not read off a standard questionnaire first. Instead, they should do their due diligence to read profiles and cover letters before hopping on a call. This makes the recruitment process more manageable and makes for an enjoyable candidate experience.

3. They don’t communicate enough

Have you ever talked to a recruiter but never heard of them the next day? Ghosting is one of the biggest reasons why candidates hate recruiters.

Imagine you got through the initial interview. Now you’re aching to know what the next step will be. A professional IT recruiter should give an update to an aspiring candidate. Also, they should be there to help you succeed and guide you along the way. But that is not always the case. 

If an IT recruiter has the initiative and care for the candidate, it portrays professionalism in the recruitment line of work. Hopefully, they will take some time to engage a high-value candidate like you that will increase their credibility in a very competitive market.

How to Bypass Challenges through IT Recruitment Outsourcing

Being part of a competitive industry will pose some challenges with work and getting the job that you want. Having just the right set of skills doesn’t cut it. You have to enjoy the work you do every day.

You can follow these tips to avoid any negative experience you may have with IT recruiters:

  1. Build your reputation. Gain the right skills that are relevant in the industry. It takes practice and a lot of learning to increase your chances of getting the job you enjoy.
  2. Build a valuable network—partner up with the best in the industry. Doing so will open up a lot of opportunities for exciting projects.
  3. Know what you want. Learn to say no if an IT recruiter hands you a job you don’t want. Make sure that what you are working on today will help launch your career in years to come.
  4. Be relevant. Keep yourself updated with the latest industry trends, tools, technology, or even business.
  5. Be ready. Whether it is for an interview or a challenging project, you should always be prepared to tackle any obstacles you might encounter.

IT talent is in demand, and there will always be projects you can work on. That’s what we do in Full Scale. We find exciting projects and give these opportunities to our software teams. Think about it, why not become part of a team that knows exactly what to do?

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If you have the right mindset and career goal, we can provide you with work opportunities without going through IT recruiters. Avoid the wait and the hassle of working with pesky headhunters. Opportunities are waiting just for you. Fill out the application and kickstart your Full Scale journey now!

IT Recruiters: 3 Alternatives and Why EVERYONE Hates Them is written by Hannah Gabiana for fullscale.io

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