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Top 5 eBooks on Elearnmarkets and why you should read them?

Ebooks are very useful study materials.They can be easily accessed at any time convenient to the reader and also a great way to gain confidence on your specific subject matter and improve your skills.

Most people often start trading in securities without understanding why the prices of any particular stock are moving higher or lower. This is the biggest mistake they make and they start incurring losses instead of earning profits.

Thus, it is important to gain knowledge before starting trading in the stock market.

In this digital age, novice traders can start learning about the stock market through various ways such as online courses, webinars, videos on the stock markets, blogs, ebooks and so on.

Ebooks related to the stock market is one of the ways of learning about the functioning of the stock market.

For spreading financial literacy, Elearnmarkets has many eBooks that help the students to learn about the different topics related to the stock market.

In this blog we will discuss the Top 5 eBooks on Elearnmarkets that novice traders or investors should read to understand the Indian financial markets:

1. How to invest in shares with only Rs. 5000?

This ebook on How to invest in shares with only Rs. 5000? helps novice traders to learn about the stock market from the basics.

It helps the students to learn from basic topics like what is the share market, how to select a good broker for opening an online trading platform to how to start investing in the stock market and understanding capital gain tax on the share trading.

This ebook is useful for people who do not know anything about the stock market and want to start trading or investing in the stock market.

If you are new to the world of stock market trading, then you should start reading this ebook.


2. Handbook on Technical Analysis:

If you are interested in learning how to do technical analysis of the stocks, then this guidebook on technical analysis will help you in understanding the different technical parameters that are used for analysing the price movements of the stocks.

Technical analysis is a method of analysing the future price movements based on the previous price data with the help of technical tools such as technical charts, patterns, indicators etc.

To do a technical analysis of the stocks, you should have an understanding of how these technical tools work.

This ebook will help you in understanding the different technical charts like line, bar and candlesticks that helps in predicting future price movements.

Novice traders can also gain an understanding of classical chart patterns and different technical indicators like moving average, ADX in this ebook.


3. Guidebook to Saving and Investment:

If you want to start saving and investing your hard-earned money in different financial vehicles such as post-office schemes, fixed deposits, insurance, pension etc. then this ebook on saving and investment will help you in doing so.

The ebook explains the different investment tools such as public provident funds, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojna, different types of fixed deposits, etc in detail.

Investors will get an idea of what different investment tools are available in India and how much interest they can earn by reading this ebook.

4. Guidebook on Mutual Funds:

If you want to diversify your portfolio risk in different financial assets then you can start investing in mutual funds.

Mutual funds invest money in different financial assets thus helps in diversifying the portfolio of the investor and reducing the risk of incurring losses.

Investors can read this ebook on mutual funds if they want to understand how mutual funds work and how to invest in the same.

This ebook covers the basics of mutual funds, different types of mutual funds that investors can invest in and how to calculate the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the mutual funds.


5. Start your Investment Journey:

If you are new to the financial world or just got your first job and want to start your investment journey then you can take the help of this ebook on how to start your investment journey.

This ebook explains how to start your savings and investment from the basics to deciding your financial goals and what financial assets you should invest in to achieve your financial goals.

You can take the help of this ebook if you are having trouble making a financial plan and goals.



As we have discussed above, reading the above ebooks will help you in starting your trading or investment journey if you are a newbie in the financial world. One should always remember that gaining knowledge and experience in the field of trading leads to success and earning constant profits.

Happy Learning!

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