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 Options Trading- Top 9 webinars traders should watch to learn about Options Trading

Stock options trading is considerably more complicated than stock trading. 

When you buy a stock, you must specify how many shares you want, and your broker will complete your order at the current market price or a price limit you specify. 

Options trading necessitates a thorough understanding of sophisticated tactics. Thus, one needs to understand options trading and strategies before implementing them.

One of the best ways to learn about options trading is by watching webinars the market expects on Elearnmarkets.

So, in today’s blog, we will discuss the top 9 webinars traders should watch to learn about Options Trading:

1. Bank Nifty Super Trending Rocket Option Buying Scalping Strategy by Chetan Panchamia

This webinar will focus on options scalping in the Bank Nifty, with a holding duration of 1-45 minutes, and a programmable rule basis system that will be combined with price action and a mix of trends to generate trading advantage.

The webinar’s goal is to explain scalping in simple terms as well as the requirement for option buyers to be nimble in order to grab fast momentum trades that travel like a rocket in their favour.

2. Identifying low-risk long setups in stock options by Abhijit Phatak

In this webinar on Identifying low-risk long setups in stock options, the host will help its participants to identify setups in Stocks that can be used to trade long options. It will help you narrow down the market and offer you a clear path to go in.

The Market offers a variety of assets with varied strike prices and expiration dates. Given a large number of stocks, currencies, exchange-traded funds, and futures contracts, all of this may be confusing to novice traders.

Traders like options trading for one main reason: flexibility. One can use a variety of tactics, ranging from the most basic buy and sell techniques to more complicated spreads such as the Butterfly and Condor.

3. Option Buying the Trend Following Way by Vishal Mehta

In this webinar one can learn how to recognise when the market is trending and when it is moving sideways, Trend-following Risk Management and The Psychology of Following a Trend

Traders should note that 30% of the time does the market trend, with the remaining 70% of the time being sideways.

 Another fascinating statistic is that 90% of option buyers lose money. So, as a trader, what are the finest indicators and tools we may employ in order to construct a lucrative long options trading strategy? This will be a long option strategy for intraday trading. 

This method is discretionary and flexible, allowing you to tailor it to your trading style. This is a difficult strategy to code; therefore, it’s been trading live for a while and there’s no backtest available.

4. Options Strategies based on volatility levels by Santosh Pasi

This webinar will teach you how to understand volatility and why it’s vital to think about it. The forms of volatility, historical volatility, implied volatility, INDIAVIX, how to quantify volatility, and strategies for different volatility levels will also be covered.

5. How to Gauge Momentum for Option Buying (Bank Nifty)? By Vijay Thakare

We’ll learn how to recognise momentum, comprehend candle formation, and how it affects the overall market structure in this session.

We’ll also learn how to be a profitable day trader by adopting a tried-and-true setup with proper risk management, as well as how to recognise the market structure and adjust your trading approach accordingly.

The webinar’s goal is to explain How can I tell how much momentum I have in different time frames? How do you make exact entry and exit decisions for long-only options? How can you trade the Bank Nifty using candle formations, support, and resistance? How do you adapt your trading style to market conditions?

6. Golden intraday nifty bread & butter short straddle & strangles option strategy by Chetan Panchamia

This webinar tries to explore the theta edge gained by participants in a structured manner with an edge regarding back-tested results and proper position sizing with the defined risk per trade to get a trading edge.

This intraday strategy is designed to generate profits over a longer-term period if one follows it with discipline as it exploits the theta edge over the period of the day.

The participants will have an understanding of theta decay and the process of executing the trade to gain from it.

7. Open & High Strategy In Index Options & Futures by Sivakumar Jayachandran

This webinar will help you to understand a simple strategy that gives significant ROI when various parameters are fulfilled, to play in Open & High Strategy in Index Options & Futures. 

This exclusive session will give practical hands-on experience through LIVE examples and charts for implementing these strategies.

8. Trade Futures & Options Using Data Reading by Jyoti Budhia

This webinar will help the viewers learn about analyzing open interest of Futures, Long build-up, Short buildup, Long unwinding, Short covering, Option chain reading, Combination of Futures data and Options data.

9. Generating Monthly Income With Futures & Options Trading by Sandeep Dsouza

Learn how to use high-probability futures and options trading strategies to produce regular monthly income. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the history of futures and options contracts, how they function, Option Greeks, and advanced trading tactics for a steady income. 

All of this information is given in an easy-to-understand, visual style that is accessible to even the most inexperienced user. Beginners and seasoned traders alike will benefit from this webinar.


With the help of above-mentioned webinars, you can learn about options trading and various options strategies with the help of which you trade in the market. We hope you found this blog informative and use it to its maximum potential in the practical world. Also, show some love by sharing this blog with your family and friends and helping us in our mission of spreading financial literacy!

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Happy Investing!

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