12 Best Stock Market Courses To Get You Started


Do you know how important is it to learn about the stock market before you start trading in it? Yes! Before trading in the stock market, we need to learn about the workings of the stock market through stock market courses by stock market trainers who already have experience in this field.

Many people think of the stock market as a platform to gamble. They follow the recommendations given by the business news channels or friends and start trading in the stock market. This is one of the primary reasons why people end up incurring losses.

Take out time and start learning about how to research stocks for trading. This is how you will be successful in stock market trading.

So, in today’s blog, we will be discussing 12 Best Courses conducted by external Stock Market experts on Elearnmarkets:

12 Best Stock Market Courses Conducted by Stock Market Trainers

1. Masterclass on Elliott Wave By Ashish Kyal

The most crucial component of trading is analysing market cycles and understanding the psychology of the trader. For many traders, it is still challenging to predict these factors effectively. As a result, the majority of them lost all of their money while trading.

In light of this, we now present our revolutionary Elliott wave masterclass, which gives you a competitive edge in the market. It implies that market movements adhere to a regular pattern of cycles in crowd psychology. It is not, however, a trading method or indication. It is instead a theory that aids traders in forecasting market activity.

You will gain an understanding of market cycles and traders’ psychology through this course, which will enable you to make forecasts that are ultimately more accurate.

2. Futures Trading Made Easy By Anirudh Saraf

Investors and traders can now adjust their risk-reward ratio in response to market swings by engaging in futures trading. Traders can hedge their holdings and guard against losses in the various underlying assets using this versatile and extensively utilised financial tool.

Traders who have a thorough understanding of the futures market can hedge their positions in the underlying asset, reducing risk and providing protection from unfavourable price changes. Understanding volatility, liquidity concerns, and complexity in contract specifications and techniques present difficulties for traders.

In this course, learners will be able to understand the basic notion of futures trading.

3. Options Trading Made Easy By Anirudh Saraf

Due to the perception that F&O trading is excessively challenging, many stock market participants shun it. However, only a small number of traders are drawn to the returns and start trading. Both scenarios are characterised by a lack of knowledge on the topic, which causes people to avoid trade or experience losses.

To address this issue, we have put together a simple options trading course that will give you a thorough explanation of all the essential ideas and demonstrate how you can utilise them as financial instruments for risk management and significant rewards.

This course’s goal is to better your understanding of how options contracts operate while completely preparing you to begin trading equity derivatives.

4. Macroeconomics Made Easy By Anirudh Saraf

Having a thorough understanding of macroeconomics is essential for anybody looking to acquire important insights into the bigger picture of the economy and its far-reaching effects on various markets, industries, and society at large.

We simplify complicated ideas, rules, and frameworks in this course by giving clear explanations that make them easier to understand.

5. A2Z Of Money by Elearnmarkets

Calling all progressive school mentors and worried parents of brilliant and spirited pre-teen and middle-school students. Your wards in grades 6–8 are probably at the height of their formative years as they get ready to graduate from middle school and head off to high school. We created this cutting-edge, engaging, extracurricular module to focus their enormous energies on learning something interesting and worthwhile.

The easy-to-understand lessons in “A2Z of Money” serve as an introduction to the mysterious world of money, banking, and finance.

6. Cryptocurrency Made Easy by Elearnmarkets

In recent months, cryptocurrency investing has swept the nation. It is both adored and detested due to its extraordinary volatility and security issues. We need to upskill ourselves with these recently invented concepts, both from a career perspective and from an investing perspective, as the underlying Blockchain Technology has proven use cases but many still see cryptocurrencies as an asset class to invest in.

We will cover both technical and basic facets of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries in this course.

7. Masterclass on Advanced Commodity & Currency By Saanando Das

The fact that foreign exchange, bonds, and commodities represent the foundation of the financial system is often overlooked by market participants. Additionally, gaining a proper foundational grasp of how the global financial markets operate and how various asset classes interact with one another helps to open up multi-asset trading opportunities.

The majority of people in India are unaware of the currency and commodities markets. And those who don’t have a solid grasp of commodity and FX trading and are drawn in by the promise of high rewards without considering the difficulties and risks.

8. Masterclass on Advanced Technical Strategies by Souradeep Dey

Technical analysis is employed to evaluate and forecast the movement of stock prices. Trading professionals want to be well-informed so they can take advantage of market opportunities and make wise decisions. However, the majority of people lose their hard-earned money in trading because they lack the necessary information and abilities.

However, you will learn how to analyse stocks and use tools and strategies to use chart patterns to discover market trends, and spot price fluctuations in this program. Additionally, you’ll concentrate on deciphering price movement, picking smart entry and exit opportunities, and controlling risk.

9. Masterclass on Short-term Momentum Trading By Abhijit Paul

Short-term market volatility might produce erroneous signals. The majority of passionate traders base their trades on these erroneous indications, which results in traders losing their hard-earned money.

Due to this, we are launching a course on short-term momentum trading that focuses specifically on the technique that may be used to understand the market’s fundamental movement and how to profit from it.

10. Masterclass on Advanced Options Strategies by Chetan Panchamia

Due to their perception that options trading is excessively difficult, many stock market participants avoid doing so. While a small number of eager traders are seduced by the returns provided by options and begin trading. Lack of knowledge of the subject is present in both scenarios, which leads to either avoidance of trading or financial loss.

We created an options trading course to assist you in gaining hands-on experience while being guided by stock market professionals in order to solve this conundrum.

11. RSI Made Easy by Souradeep Dey

Many traders find it difficult to comprehend how the relative strength index functions and how to apply it to various market scenarios. Thus, the majority of them fail to take advantage of possible trading chances. They are unable to even assess market circumstances and pinpoint potential turning points. Because of this, some traders use these indicators inefficiently, incurring losses or failing to take advantage of profitable transactions.

Our course on technical trading tactics with the RSI indicator has been carefully designed to deconstruct this signal. It is the second in our precisely crafted series of lessons on technical indicators and how to use them to create trading strategies.

12. Technical Analysis Made Easy by Souradeep Dey

The key to trading is figuring out when to enter and leave positions. Making more accurate decisions is possible by analysing previous pricing data, chart patterns, and indicators.

The principles and methods of trading are thoroughly covered in this course. Additionally, you will gain in-depth knowledge of a number of technical indicators, candlesticks, and trend analysis tools.


Learn from the stock market trainers as we have discussed the various topics of the stock market. Choose the best online courses for stock market for yourself and start your journey of learning. You can also use StockEdge to get a cutting edge over others in both short-term trading and investing. 

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